Health & Safety

Stringent Health and Safety laws mean that a lot of equipment within almost all industries needs to be labelled. This includes equipment and cables within the office or warehouse environment; for example, electrical appliances will need such things as identification labels, operation instructions, and more often than not, warning labels. All moveable electrical appliances such as computer monitors, fridges and microwaves need to be tested regularly, and once tested as safe to use the appliance should be labelled with the date and tester for future information.

Electrical Labelling

Electrical hand tools in particular need to be frequently checked to ensure that they are safe to use and have appropriate operating instruction labels. Installed electrical systems may need anything from periodic maintenance labels, labels which show schematic wiring diagrams or labels which indicate hazard or danger to the user or operator.

Health & Safety Labels

The extensive range of blank labels are ideal for safety labels and instructional labels and the LabelStation PAT labels are already pre-printed and are ready to just over print with variable data.