Equipment Marking

It is important to have some control over a company’s equipment, it could be IT hardware or a hire companies rental equipment. In most cases some inventory management or health and safety dictates that a label must be on equipment. The LabelStation system will provide you with the ability print labels on demand.

Custom designs can easily be created to suit your requirements, such as company name, telephone number, barcodes and sequence numbering.

Labelstation Equipment Marking

Label Equipment

The appropriate labelling of electrical equipment is critical, it simply saves lives. From switchgear to hand tools all electrical equipment is likely to require some form or identification, operating instructions, or warning information. With electrical appliances Portable Appliance Testing should be carried out regularly and its sensible to label the appliance to indicate the item is safe to use.

A LabelStation printing system will enable you to print the required labels on demand without having to outsource and therefore suffer long leadtimes and high costs. The extensive range of blank labels are ideal for safety labels and instructional labels and the LabelStation PAT labels are already pre-printed and are ready to just over print with variable data.

Labelling Equipment Printer

The requirements for the labelling of electrical equipment varies from industry to industry, however the labelling used will, more often than not, put a focus on Health and Safety and will be a source of information to the user.

Electrical hand tools in particular need to be frequently checked to ensure that they are safe to use and have appropriate operating instruction labels.

Installed electrical systems may need anything from periodic maintenance labels, labels which show schematic wiring diagrams or labels which indicate hazard or danger to the user or operator.