Asset Tracking Labels

With such a wide range of equipment in the workplace, keeping track of your assets is vital. Asset labels help identify your equipment and assist with inventory management. They can also act as a theft deterrent and depending on the type of label material is useful in tamper detection.

Labelstation Asset Tracking Labels

Asset Tracking Labelling

The LabelStation range will allow you print your own asset labels in house, on demand. You can print text, numbers, barcodes, logos and we can supply custom part printed labels with static content ready for you to over print with the variable data.

Standard stock labels suitable for use asset labelling include white and matt silver polyester labels, VOID labels and tamper evident labels.

Asset Tracking Label Printers

Having your own LabelStation printer enables you to customise your asset labels to your own exact requirement. The LabelStation range will accept a wide choice of label media from plain self-adhesive labels to non-adhesive semi rigid tags.

The LabelStation range of printers are well suited to printing asset labels, they have the ability to print text, logos, sequential number runs, barcodes and if required we can supply pre-printed labels with your corporate logo or static information ready for your LabelStation to over print the variable data.

The LabelStation printers can also be driven by a special keyboard which enables them to be used without a PC, this is ideal when the LabelStation printer is being used off site or perhaps in a warehouse or production area.